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Information on Solar Screens

Solar screens block the sun UV rays when installed over windows.  The amount of energy blocked will depend on which type of screen is selected, the type of glass in the window and the angle of the sun at any given time of day.  Though the screen color does have some effect on the performance of the screens, it is not enough to factor when choosing the color of the screen.  It is important to note that the lighter colors do show dirt more than black or brown, so keep that in mind!

Solar Screens vs. Window Tint

  • Solar Screens do not void the MFG warranty on low E windows, window tint will.
  • Window tint is applied to the inside of the window allowing heat to penetrate the home.  Solar Screens are applied to the outside of the window preventing much of the suns UV rays from reaching the glass.
  • Solar screens can be easily removed, window tint cannot.  This is an important consideration, especially if you intend to sell your home someday.
  • Solar screens are simply more effective at reducing the suns UV rays that enter the home.  This will result in lower energy bills, bigger savings, and a better comfort level than tint. 


Solar Screens and Low E Insulated Windows

  • So, you have beautiful Low E insulated windows, and you still need more protection from the sun.  By adding a solar screen to an insulated window, you are providing an outer defense against the suns UV rays.  The Low E window then absorbs any of the UV rays and heat that may get by the solar screen.
  • Have you ever noticed on an old window how the plastic trim has faded or yellowed?  Perhaps it is cracked and has caused the window to leak?  Do you know that the suns UV rays caused that?  Solar screens will help prevent that by blocking the UV rays from the window frame itself!
  • Okay, so now we know that solar screens not only enhance the performance of the insulated window but actually help extend the life of the window! This is very important when you consider the extreme investment required to replace them.


Solar Screens VS. Low E Windows

  • What if you are trying to decide between replacing their old windows with new Low E windows or solar screens?
  • Solar Screens will actually give you a better shading.
  • Solar screens are a fraction of the cost compared to replacement windows while offering the same or better savings in energy costs.
  • Solar screens are an investment that pay for themselves in 3-5 years.


Solar Screen Quick Facts

  • Dollar for dollar solar screens save more money than insulated windows.
  • Enhance curb side appeal of home.
  • Does not void the windows warranty.
  • Will make your home more comfortable while saving money on their electric bill.
  • Extends the life of your existing windows.
  • Will help a Low E window actually pay for itself by making the window for effective.  (The screen blocks the heat, the Low E absorbs what may get by the screen).
  • The most affordable way to save money on your electric bill.

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